2017 BMW X5 M Release Date and Price


BMW which is known to design amazingly flawless car brands recently announced that they are yet to release a new car model, the 2017 BMW X5 M. This upgraded model that is expected to enter the market in 2017 is bound to have some great improvements in relation to its performance and speed. From its view on a test track taken, its distinct features and display are bound to induce potential buyers to make a point of owning it.

To make its presence worth memorable, this car model has adopted a dynamic design with great exterior and interior formations; for instance, its rear and front bumpers exhibit its prowess besides its light alloy wheels (standard) wheels proving its stability and sturdiness on an on-road terrain. Actually, it portrays great resemblance to a sports car with exceptional performance, a factor that will make it give stiff competition to its major rivals Mercedes AMG E63 and Range Rover Supercharged.

2017 BMW X5 M

2017 BMW X5 M – Exterior and Interior Changes

Exterior Design:

Apparently, its exterior appearance that makes it possess a masculine look will be absolutely captivating. The presence of broad grille that appears framed with chrome will facilitate the efficient flow of air into the engine thus improving its performance greatly. In relation to its lights, the headlights will be redesigned whereas the taillight will appear slightly reduced. The LED light will be placed on the side mirror and the defogger installed to enhance visibility.

On the other hand, the 2017 BMW X5 M is expected to incorporate a dual exhaust system that will be highly polished. This will facilitate efficient exhaust emission as this sport-like car races on different terrains. For the wheels, they will be 21-inch alloy type in nature with great optimization to make them demonstrate the first-class grip. In addition, its body will have a sleek texture displaying its great quality formation.

Interior Design:

When it comes to an interior combination, this classic 2017 BMW X5 M display its outstanding and luxurious nature that will give potential buyers great comfort. The exquisite design of its leather seats exhibits the sophistication applied in stitching them to give incomparable comfort. The presence of leather-covered steering wheel gives a strong grip to the driver besides offering a perfect orientation that is in line with the seat.

Besides, the operating elements within this 2017 BMW X5 M have been well placed to ensure that it remains space-efficient. In addition, the instrument panel has incorporated infotainment system, Wi-Fi, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity and 4G LTE.

It is also expected that the M logo will be introduced in the headrest. Other features include air conditioning and the navigation system.

2017 BMW X5 M interior

2017 BMW X5 M – Engine and Performance

Apparently, this incredible car model will have a strong powertrain that will significantly boost its operation. It will have two alternative engines; the 4.4-litre V8 engine that will have the capability of producing a torque up to 553 lb-ft with more than 560 hp.

The 2017 BMW X5 M is also bound to adopt an 8-speed transmission that is meant to facilitate optimum power transmission and boost its efficiency.

2017 BMW X5 M side

2017 BMW X5 M – Price and Release Date

So far the official price that this pretty amazing car will cost has not been released. Meanwhile, it is expected to cost about $100,000 due to its classic appearance. For the date of release, there is an expectation that this 2017 BMW X5 M will enter the market around the later part of this year 2016.