The new concept of Japanese company is coming soon among the drivers. New Honda D Concept will have a spectacular look decorated with many additives.

Honda D Concept Exterior Look and Design

One of the most popular car manufacturers in the world Honda, will advance another functional SUV. It is Honda D Concept, which should be primarily intended for the Chinese market. The shape is very similar to the coupe model, although this is crossover. Styling is not global, but more unique and futuristic.


Plenty of sharp lines and parts, were transferred through big holes for air circulation from the front. The lights are thin, equipped with LED technology and with very aggressive look. SUV contain five doors and special curves on the sides. The back side is specific because it has a special form of the rear doors and a lot of abandoned roof spoiler. Bumper also includes air vents and dynamic lights. It was pointed out that the Honda D have new attractive alloy wheels in size from 21 inches.

Honda D Concept - exterior

Honda D Concept Interior Look and Materials

The interior layout is largely undiscovered and incomplete. Neither the manufacturer still is not sure which is the best combination of equipment, materials and schedules. Basically we should expect sporty style with a futuristic look. Comfortable seats with leather or a soft cloth. The area will receive five passengers and enough luggage space. At the center should be set touchscreen with all the necessary accessories. Refer to the entertainment, communications and security. According to the announcement, will be integrated satellite navigation, digital air condition, connect external devices, USB port, wireless internet, a good audio player etc.

Honda D Concept - interior

Honda D Concept Engine Specification

Honda D will have functional motor with good average consumption. Belongs to Earth Dream technology. This is a 2.4 liter engine with an output of 158 hp and torque of 181 lb / ft. It is estimated that consumption will be 26 mpg around town and 33 mpg on the highway. Power will be transmitted to the wheels by a 6 speed automatic transmission. Honda D Concept is a model that should have a direct injection engine. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in about 6 seconds. Reaches top speed of about 125 mph.

Honda D Concept - engine

Safety Features for Honda D Concept

Surely that engineers and designers take into account the safety of the ride. Enough equipment will be turned towards it. First of all we should expect ABS, airbags, traction control, stability control, detection of pedestrians, a warning to leave the lane, cameras, sensors, etc.

Honda D Concept - safety

Competitors for Honda D Concept

Although this will be a unique model in appearance, Honda D Concept will have serious competition. As main rivals will appear: Infiniti QX30, Kia Soul, Nissan Murano and Mazda CX-7.

Honda D Concept - competitors

Release Date and Price for Honda D Concept

This year at the International Automobile Exhibition in Shanghai Japanese manufacturer to introduce this concept to the public. Honda D really impressed many visitors. Sales should go according to plan, good. Start is expected late this year or early next year. Basic price should be around $ 21,000.

Honda D Concept - release date

Honda D Concept Price

Compared to the predecessors, the new Fortuner is spacious and has a very powerful engine, thus being fuel economical. The manufacturers have also installed the car with modern technology features for it to remain up to date and face the stiff competition with confidence. The body on frame construction will not only enable the vehicle tow more than the rivals but also give it an outstanding appearance that will attract the eyes of every buyer. Also if you are looking for a safe and cost effective car, then 2017 Toyota Fortuner is worth waiting.

2017 Toyota Fortuner front

Redesign of 2017 Toyota Fortuner


Although there are no much changes, the new model expected to have a sleeker appearance compared to the previous models. From the front side, you can see a modern styled grille and a strong bumper. The grille is styled in a way that it allows optimum air circulation for the cooling of the engine. The car is also incorporated with current LED head and tail lights to make sure the match with the new look of the crossover. The vehicle is also constructed with lightweight material thus reducing weight compared to the predecessors. In addition to that, the crossover will come with chromed 18-inch wheels that will enable the SUV to cope with all sort of terrain.


With the advancement of technology, the interior of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner is equipped with modern features that increase the comfort as well as the performance of the vehicle. The car will have three rows of seats which are spacious and will accommodate seven passengers. The seats and the sporty steering wheel are upholstered with leather material. Some of the modern features installed on this vehicle include a touchscreen display, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and a super sound system to keep you entertained. Besides that, the crossover has an automatic air conditioner that helps to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle.

Safety of the passengers is not left out and is given particular focus by installing some of the security features such as anti-brake system, cruise control, seat belts, and a rear review camera. On top of that, the vehicle has airbags to protect the driver and the passenger in the first row while the passengers in the rear seats are guaranteed in the air curtains.

2017 Toyota Fortuner interior

2017 Toyota Fortuner – Engine Specs

The 2017 Toyota Fortuner will have several engine options to choose from which include: a 3.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and will generate up to 165 hp and 340 pounds of torque. The second engine option is going to be a hybrid producing 200 hp and 300 lbs of torque. Last but not least, there are rumors that the third option will be a 2.7-liter engine that will be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 9-speed automatic transmission. This will enable it to send power to either the front wheel drive or the all-wheel drive system. The crossover is expected to have a 40 mpg fuel consumption.

2017 Toyota Fortuner rear

2017 Toyota Fortuner – Release Date and Price

The long awaited 2017 Toyota Fortuner is anticipated to be released late 2016 or early 2017 with a ranging price between $45,000 and $55,000 which will depend on the trim level.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Price

The 2017 Mini Paceman according to the information will be presented soon on the market. Some fans even notice that it looks very much like a combination of the Mini Clubman and the Range Rover Evoque. Although called a mini, it will have plenty of space for a comfortable ride. This can be seen as an advantage, but it will provide some not so desirable traits. It will be heavier than its predecessor, which is unusual because some models even after the increased dimensions reduce weight. It will be also more expensive than the previous model. However, it will contain all the necessary and additional functions for the enjoy the ride.

2017 Mini Paceman front

2017 Mini Paceman – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Mini Paceman will have two – five doors and a higher roof than before, so passengers will have more headroom. It will have a redesigned look that will be most noticeable on the front. It will be added LED technology to the headlights which will have a characteristic shape. This will make the right combination for the good look. The grid will be spacious, black with a chrome frame. The shape of the grid will remain approximately the same as before. In the lower part will be in the front bumper and openings for ventilation. The rear part will be beautifully designed, and accent will be on the lights with LED lamps and a small spoiler at the top of the glass. The bottom will include two round exhaust pipes. It is expected that this model will have a greater choice of colors than before, as well as the possible two color combinations. Some details in the exterior will be in chrome.

The interior design of the 2017 Mini Paceman SUV shall be styled using the black color. An extensive use of the high-quality materials within its interior gives the car a better interior design which ensures maximum comfort of passengers as well as the driver. The aggressive front end and the sporty look will make this model to have a unique look. However, the infotainment system on this car isn’t what can be referred to as modern although it has some really good features that are similar to those found in the previous model.

Some of the other new features that are available include the upcoming head-up displays. The collision alert sensor has also been installed so as to warn the driver before any collision occurs.

2017 Mini Paceman rear

2017 Mini Paceman – Whole Power Unit

Some really good low weight engines have been lined up for the 2017 model. This model will have three engines of 1.6-liter one will have a 121 hp, second 181 hp and the last 208 hp.

2017 Mini Paceman – Price and Expected Release Date

The rumors are that the 2017 Mini Paceman as early as the first months of the year 2017. It is also rumored that a starting price of just $ 25,000 the will hit the markets. The value of the vehicle will increase as the trim model of the car. The increase in the size of the engine serves only to increase the available legroom between seats.

2017 Mini Paceman Price, Release Date

After a long wait full of speculations and rumors, Scion has finally announced the upcoming release of the all new 2017 Scion xB. It was believed that Scion was planning to replace this model with a more compact one. However, that seems to be a thing of the past since the 2017 Scion xB is expected to hit the roads as soon as possible. With both major and minor changes expected, this car is no doubt going to be the next big thing when it comes to compact SUV’s doing rounds in North America.

2017 Scion xB front

2017 Scion xB – Redesign Exterior and Interior

The most critical change in the 2017 Scion xB will be new and updated design. The exterior specs of this car will receive refreshment and innovation. The exterior side will show chic and contemporary style. The improvement is also possible in body line shades, LED lights, and entrance bumper. To make this vehicle superior, beautiful and nice, we can expect new color combination for this model. Rumors announce that this model will enjoy body concept. The overall look of this vehicle will give a different perception. The features on the rear side will also enjoy some improvements like the new bumper, camera, and other features. The selection or installation of a new platform is also possible in the upcoming model. The overall body size like length, width, and height of vehicle will not change in this model.One of the most detectable and highly recognizable exterior changes will no doubt be the frontal bumper. Since the car comes with a box design, the frontal bumper has been designed in such a manner that, it perfectly goes hand in hand with the body artwork. The LED headlights have also been redesigned to facilitate proper vision whether traveling during the night or basically during a foggy day. With these headlights, visibility problems will be a thing of the past. New sets of color schemes will also be available hence giving the buyer the opportunity to select the best color based on their preferences.

This upcoming model is anticipated to have an elegant and luxurious interior especially considering that the previous model had a very comfortable interior. One of the most outstanding interior features includes a beautiful trim made using genuine wood. The dashboard of the vehicle also gets some improvements to make it more interactive and user-friendly. The gear and the steering wheel are all covered with leather which gives the driver better grip. Furthermore, the seats inside the 2017 Scion xB are covered with cow hides and use the latest heating technology to enhance comfort. Users of this vehicle get to enjoy properly regulated temperatures which are provided through the modern zonal climate system. There are also a variety of connection options which give the occupants freedom to connect different kinds of modern devices and also assist the driver to navigate the vehicle in a better way. It is also possible to enjoy quality entertainment while inside the vehicle since it comes with an upgraded modern infotainment unit The utilization of most recent infotainment features like LCD, touch screen, speakers and radio is normal. These electronic gadgets will likewise bolster MP3, MP4, FM and radio. The travelers will likewise appreciate Bluetooth, WI-FI, and wireless internet connection. The combination of every one of these features will grant a decent look to the interior side of this vehicle. For safety purposes, there are automatic airbags and safety belts for all the occupants.

2017 Scion xB interior

2017 Scion xB – Engine Specs

By current news, we can expect installation of 2.4-liter four cylinder engine in 2017 Scion xB. This unit may generate 162 lb/ft of torque and 158 hp of power. It will show the good value of fuel economy and emission of C02. There is no chance of the presence of multiple engine options in this vehicle. This engine will also possess automatic gearbox, advanced braking system, and other specs. The value of fuel economy of this model is expected around 24 mpg on highway road conditions.

2017 Scion xB rear

2017 Scion xB – Release Date and Price

Though the official release date of the 2017 Scion xB has not been announced, it’s expected that this compact SUV will hit the market either in early or mid-2017. The official selling price is expected to be between $18,000 and $20,000.

2017 Scion xB Price, Redesign and Release Date

Japanese carmaker Nissan is one of the leaders in the crossover segment. Since this market is full of vehicles made by all important figures in the industry, constant innovation and improvements are needed to stay in the game. That’s why a company is preparing refreshed Nissan X-Trail 2017, which comes out as a part of cooperation of Japanese manufacturer with Renault. We will see which parts will be used from a French company to boost the appearance of the mid-size SUV.

Nissan X-Trail 2017 front

Nissan X-Trail 2017 – Unique Feature

Nissan is apparently targeting that specific niche of customers in itself. With a matte finish front bonnet, this car definitely looks stylish. Other improvements on the outside include the sunroof at a top and a much sleeker body. Of course, the extra curves also ensure that the car is a little more aerodynamic, which, even though it is an SUV, should help with a little more fuel efficiency. Other upgrades include the addition of LED lights on both the front and the back for extended visibility. The mirror finish, better alloy rim wheelbase, and an improved suspension system seem to be playing its part as the market is more than ready for a premium segment SUV from Nissan.

On the inside, the usual improvements like wireless audio connectivity, central locking system, and power steering are of course present however, it is the most interesting features that catch the attention. These include the inclusion of a Bose sound system, dual zone climate control, a proprietary central locking system by Nissan and electric motors among other things. On the premium sector, the inclusion of soft-touch premium leather upholstery completes the list. The Nissan X-Trail 2017 also features several other hi-tech features like Bose audio system, air conditioning, double zone climate control, electric mirrors and a Nissan connect system that has been renovated along with the main locking system. The security functions of the vehicle will consist of the following: airbags (with additional optional airbags readily available), blind area detection ABS braking in addition to electronic brake circulation. LED innovation will be used in order to completely light up the dash within the cabin as it hosts control functions and an HD touchscreen.

Nissan X-Trail 2017 rear

Nissan X-Trail 2017 – Engine and Performance

The new crossover will have two sources of power. Powertrain installed in the base model of Nissan X-Trail 2017 is 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, which can produce 170 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, there is another, smaller unit, which takes diesel fuel. It is 1.6-liter dCi with 130 hp and DIG-T engine 160 hp. Transmission can be chosen from 6-speed CVT and manual. A hybrid version of the diesel engine and electric batteries is mated to a CVT. Front wheels are default drive , and AWD is possible in higher trims.

A manual transmission will not be part of the engine, but rather, the transmission will be merged with the Xtronic CVT. Power will be sent to the front-wheel drive and front-wheel drive from the transmission as an optional package. Fuel economy is the biggest advantage of this car it reaches 33 miles per gallon in highway and 26 miles per gallon in the city. Combined fuel economy is thus achieved 28 miles per gallon. Power electric hybrid will also be used in an attempt to achieve maximum fuel economy.

Nissan X-Trail 2017 – Release Date and Price

For some reliable rumors, Nissan X-Trail 2017 will release in early 2017. Pricing for the new 2017 Nissan X-Trail has been set at of $20,000-$35,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are any changes, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Nissan X-Trail 2017 Release Date, Price

Seen as an effort by the designer to introduce a car that combines both comfort and usability, Lotus SUV Concept car is being built. It’s been said that this is an effort by the company to introduce a compact SUV in order to meet the ambitious need for a high-performance car. As a matter of fact, the car will not only come with superior handling capabilities but also a stunning design that will see it satisfy customers, especially ladies.

Lotus SUV front

Lotus SUV – Exterior & Interior Design

The car will be built on the same concept just like its predecessors, but will now feature several reincarnations in features and overall design. Weighing only 400 pounds, this is going to be one of the lightest cars in this category. The car will be streamlined, stylish and will also feature soft and attractive lines on the exterior. Overall, the car is going to come with a modern design with a lot of details like aggressive appearance among other things that will surely turn heads whenever you drive. The inside is going to be all about technology and contemporary. It will load five passengers and the interior will focus largely on the front passengers and the driver, as well. To entice the customer even further, the car’s interior will be established on Aston Martin concept. Of standard equipment and features, we think that it should be similar to the Porsche Cayenne.

Lotus SUV – Engine and Performance

The upcoming Lotus SUV Concept is expected to thrive with a strong and streamlined drive train, and according to our sources, Lotus hopes to use one or both of the Toyota-sourced synthetic paired with another. These engines will include a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The engine will either be ready with or without a supercharger. It is not even going to stop there; the automaker will equip a higher power to heaviness ratio. This could include a diesel engine and hybrid option for 4-wheel drive setup. This will largely benefit the car equipping power to the front wheel and a motor to drive the back wheel. It is said that this ride will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 5 seconds and its top speed expected to hit 155 mph. When it comes to fuel consumption, it is going to be low so drivers can be sure of getting a fuel efficient vehicle. We could also see the European market get diesel and a hybrid option for all-wheel drive configurations.

Lotus SUV rear

Lotus SUV – Release Date and Price

The official release date for the upcoming Lotus SUV Concept has not been finalized, but its promotion is said to begin in 2017. Telling the exact price is also going to be one of the hardest parts; however, it is speculated that the price range could be somewhere like $100,000 for the base version and much higher price as the trim get higher. All these being speculations, don’t get excited as these figures could change once the car is officially released to the pubic. What we know, however, is that the ride is going to be quite popular and many will be proud to drive.

Lotus SUV Concept, Price

Mythical name, a legendary model and the legendary label. 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a car with sporting nature, distinctive character and presence.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Exterior Design

The new Giulietta model comes with subtle styling changes. They are not exactly easy to spot, but when you look closely there they are. The car is adorned with a lot of aggressive look. It looks powerful and dignified. Especially when you find yourself face to face with this vehicle. The last part displays a sporty model. That for sure fits the description, then a subtle urban vehicle. The changes mainly relate to the bumpers, spoiler and front grille.


One of the main advantages are almond-shaped headlights, equipped with LED lighting. All curves, especially prominent contour of the body. Seen in profile looks subtly and gracefully. The rear end is dominated by two symmetrical light, not too high set, but historically defined. It shows the athletic determination and good form. Stylized inscription Giulietta is ideally matched to mark Alfa Romeo, which also represents the switch to open the door. It just shows how many of the details, the designers thought. They did not want that one lock, undermine the entire style of the vehicle. It is called the ideal consistency.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - exterior

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Interior Design

The interior is filled with details that will delight every driver. All switches and buttons are practical and unique. The center console is very compact and designed maximum functional. Everything is nicely designed and well packaged. At each contact you can expect quality material with an excellent finish. Everything is done to meet the needs and requirements of drivers. Instrument panel shows sportiness. Control clocks are housed in deep tubes and realized a special contact with the driver. Instruments are classic and simple and perfectly legible.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - interior 1

On the center console is a touch screen. It contains commands to activate audio devices, below are the keys for the air conditioning, while above is the ventilation shaft. In addition to the gear lever is a switch for switching various modes of drive. These are: dynamic, normal and all weather, schedule different types of precipitation. With the introduction of Uconnect infotainment system, improving the level of equipment. There is the possibility of connecting Smart phone, music streaming, the use of social networks, the use of smart applications and Google services. A special system called Alfa Performance is tasked with keeping statistics while driving, measuring time and gives suggestions on how to drive. The seats are very comfortable, upholstered in a soft and pleasant materials and are adjusted electronically. The design enhances the driving experience and enjoy rises to the next level.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - interior

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Engine Power

The manufacturer is particularly proud of the improvement in consumption. This is thanks to the new diesel engine. This is a 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine that produces an output of 120hp and torque of 280 lb / ft. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 10.2 seconds and can reach a speed of 121 mph. The offer will include 1.4 liter petrol engine with several different varieties of horsepower. These are 120 hp, 150 hp and 170 hp. Then there is the 1.7-liter turbo engine with an output of 235 hp. All engines will be associated with a 6 speed manual gearbox.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - engine

Safety Features for 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 

All necessary security systems will take care of security. We should expect some of the existing or also individual surprises which can be represented. On the list of safety equipment will be available: ABS, air bags, traction control, stability control, camera, satellite navigation, parking sensors, automatic lights, pedestrian detection, control, tire pressure etc.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - safety 

Competitors for 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The segment in which Alfa Romeo Giulietta belongs is rich with high-quality cars. Therefore, the match will be tough but at the same time interesting. As the main competitors will appear: BMW M3, Cadillac ATS-V, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Audi S4.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Giulietta should appear by the end of this year. If all goes according to plan. However, we should wait for the official statement from the Italian company. The price is also still a mystery. But the assumptions are that it may have an initial cost of about $ 25,000.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - release date

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Redesign

For an industry that is always shrouded in mystery, the makers of the upcoming Lexus LX , have also not been left out. The company is currently working on the new Lexus LX 2017 and even with few months still remaining before the car is officially introduced to the public, the company has managed to keep every single detail a secret. Thankfully, we have managed to gather little useful info about this upcoming ride.

Lexus LX 2017 front

Lexus LX 2017 – Redesign Exterior and Interior

The hugely popular LX has over the years followed in the profile of Toyota’s Land Cruises, with the automaker proudly acknowledging that fact. However, the upcoming Lexus LX 2017 is expected to deviate from that and come with a whole new design starting with a redesigned spindle grille and a new bumper bar. It also appears that the old larger and wider fog lamps will be replaced by new angular fog lamps. The car will also get a new face lift in the tail and headlights; they are thinner and sleeker, making them look more modern. The inside is also expected to be the key highlight; it will be made more comfortable and the new exhaust pipe at the back will make the interior airy and amazingly easy to control climate. The seats are comfortable with airbags to protect passengers. The inside is going to be nice and total friendly to passengers.

Lexus LX 2017 interior

Lexus LX 2017 – Engine, Performance, and Handling

Although the car will be powered by the same engine the last model had, the 5.7-liter V8, the car will come with a number of upgrades to the engine and powertrain. The engine will be able to churn out a whopping 383 hp and 403 lbs-ft of torque. The power is then taken to the all-wheel drive via the 8-speed automatic transmission system. Additionally, when we come to the fuel economy, according to EPA ratings, drivers should expect the new Lexus LX 2017 return 13/18/15 mpg. The car will be able to hit 140 mph or 225 km/h speed on road and the maximum towing capacity is around 7000 lbs. Other features that will make the car even better include driver selectable multi-terrain system, crawl control and hill start assist. The console-mounted dial will also come with a whole new Drive Mode Select system that will enable you to specify either the suspension configurations or certain powertrain.

Lexus LX 2017 side

Safety Features:

Safety is one of the biggest considerations right now and as an effort by the company to make the car one of the safest on our roads, the car brings airbags for all passengers with stronger and comfortable seat belts. Fire alarming devices, Pre-collision system, GPS tracker and emergency braking system are other key safety measures.

Lexus LX 2017 – Release Date and Price

As for the price and release date, we don’t have any official figures yet, but our sources indicate the first half of 2017 release and the car could be made available throughout the world almost immediately. How much will the car cost? We could actually see it start from an MSRP of about $90,000. Despite the car likely to come with a very high price tag, with all that it can do and all the features it comes with, that is not going to be a big problem for car shoppers.

Lexus LX 2017 Redesign, Release Date

Mitsubishi, one of the biggest designers of an automobile, is currently working on one of their own; the new Mitsubishi RVR 2017. For over 20 years the company has been in the industry that has always resulted in the development of some of the most loved and extraordinary cars. The new Mitsubishi RVR 2017 is still a few months away before we finally see in on our roads, but according to the company, it is going to be a luxury and large sized SUV. As we wait for the official release by the maker, here is what shoppers around the world should expect to see.

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 front

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 – Exterior and Interior

Apart from the upgraded exterior, the car will come with 18-inch wheels. For the entryways, you will notice that there are two fundamental sorts of windows; the back liftgate window and settled liftgate window. The front glass will also see variable discontinuous wipers added. Additionally, just to make sure your drive is not influenced, a defogger has been introduced in the back glass and from images we have managed to see, we could not overlook the grille and front bumper; they are redesigned and now sports chrome accents. As for the interior design, the car’s inside is going to be decorated in light grey tone. It is a bit moody by nature, but to make it better for the passengers, the cabin will now come fully fitted with a new steering wheel, 6.1-inch sensor display. The seats will also come completed with high-quality fabric and materials. Other useful programs will be included to provide a high level of security during the drive.

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 interior

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 – Engine Options

Under the hood will be the same engines as before. First is a 2.0-liter aspirated engine which can churn out 148 hp and peak torque of 196 Nm. Second is a 2.4-liter engine with a power output of around 168 hp and 226 Nm of torque. Additionally, car shopper will be able to choose between the installation CVT and 5-speed manual transmission, given the equipment level and engine mounting. When it comes to performance, what we know for sure is that the upcoming ride will be built according to the profoundly successful third era, Outlander. In other news, word has is that a hybrid option will also be developed for intrigued customers of Mitsubishi RVR 2017. Although this has not been confirmed, we could actually see a bigger 1.6-liter petrol turbocharged generator along with the two electric engines rather than one. This will free up the combustion motor and make it focus on only one thing; power the tires by recharging the electric batteries.

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 rear

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 – Release Date and Price

As for the release and price, a model for the American market is going to be offered with the same options; 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter engines with a 5-speed manual and a CVT. You will be forced to spend around $19,995 for the basic package. If you can’t wait to get behind the wheels of this amazing ride, it is expected to be released to the public during the Spring of 2016. The new Mitsubishi ride is definitely a car to watch out for.

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 Review

Time for luxury crossover has arrived. Elite company will join an Italian. This is a fantastic and very good quality 2017 Maserati Levante.


2017 Maserati Levante will be placed on the platform of the famous model Grand Cherokee. Exterior does not have the typical appearance of the SUVs. This is exactly what can be expected when it comes to Italian manufacturer. They are always special, designers work with a lot of emotion and elegance, and the product is always specific. SUV is quite long, but not too wide.


There is quite a long hood, while a special set windscreen provides excellent aerodynamics. The front grille, on the upper side, almost leaning on the hood. It is made of chrome material. The headlights are equipped with LED lighting and have aggressive and sharp shape. The vehicle is quite simple but very compact with dual tailpipes and LED lighting. Every detail is special and has its own purpose. With excellent vehicle will dock attractive alloy wheels and specially selected exterior colors.

2017 Maserati Levante - exterior


The interior is very specific and comprised of only the best materials. Premium leather is used for the seats which are very comfortable and are adjusted electronically. Equipped with cooling, heating and special openings for ventilation. The cabin is comfortable and the feeling while driving is ideal. Passengers will be able to enjoy a panoramic roof that opens electronically. Control layout is excellent. The space is organized quite simple, but it’s a plus for manufacturer.

2017 Maserati Levante - interior 1

Sometimes it is quite complicated to manage a multitude of buttons that light up with different lights. In the middle is a large touch screen. It is connected with all the necessary telecommunication options, good audio device, and a host of additional systems. Travellers will also have access to Wi-Fi connection, satellite radio, the ability to connect your phone, automatic air conditioning etc. Part of command has moved to a steering wheel, so the driver has an easier time while driving.

2017 Maserati Levante - interior


2017 Maserati Levante will have two engine options. It is a 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine but in two different versions. The first will have a power output of 345 hp and torque of 369 lb / ft. Second will have an output of 424 hp and torque of 428 lb / ft. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph SUV will achieve in 5.2 seconds. Both engines will be associated with 8 speed automatic transmission.

2017 Maserati Levante - engine


Maserati Levante will have plenty of safety equipment that will in every possible way protect passengers. This will all be innovative systems and equipment belonging to the present and future of the auto industry. The list will be: ABS, air bags, stability control, traction control, pedestrian detection, automatic lights, a warning to leave the lane, rain sensors, cameras, sensors, satellite navigation etc.

2017 Maserati Levante - safety


The first SUV with the company Maserati will bring confusion among the competitors. Certainly everyone will take seriously the appearance of such a vehicle. Many sales will decline because drivers will move behind the wheel of the new model. But some manufacturers such concern is not too large. For each vehicle there is a buyer. As the main competitors will appear: Porsche Cayenne, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW X6, Infiniti QX70, Mercedes-Benz GLE and BMW X5.

2017 Maserati Levante - competitors


The vehicle is truly impressive and attracts attention. Production of copies for customers has already begun, but the sale has not. This should not happen with the arrival next year. Basic price should be around $ 72,000.

2017 Maserati Levante - release date

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2017 Maserati Levante Interior and Price

Regarded one of the best and most luxurious SUVs of our era, Lincoln Navigator has over the years gone through a lot of changes and advancement, and all that have seen the automaker evolve the concept of the sport utility vehicle into one of the industry’s finest. In what could see the company take the car to a whole new level, the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator is now being developed and from what we have heard, the car guarantees to shows signs improvement of both on the outside and the inside.

2018 Lincoln Navigator front

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Redesign Exterior & Interior

When it comes to the exterior design, a lot of people have said the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will give lavish choices, exactness, and the most desired outside presentations. The outside is going to be lovely and the aluminum metallic surfaces will make the car lighter compared to other cars in the same category. The car will get new headlights, a redesigned guard grille, and rear ends. A glimpse of the inside speaks volume; it is stylish and comes with contemporary pieces. The car will come with 30 way electric adjustable patented by Lincoln for each of 6 passengers. The seats will come fully complete with leather and we are going to see the virtual instrument panel, 10’’ touch-screen multimedia system on the center console. Projection screen and 4 individual tablets for passengers of the second and third rows. Lincoln’s dedication to safety will see the upcoming ride come with superior safety features like plenty of airbags, driver control technology, 360-degree sensors among others.

2018 Lincoln Navigator interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Engine, Performance, and Handling

The original and larger 5.4-liter we saw on the last model has been done away with and is going to be replaced with a whole new 3.5-liter V6. Although this will provide the same power of around 400 hp, the same we saw in the last engine, it is more efficient and quite economical. As for the fuel economy, the average fuel consumption of the engine is going to be something like 16 mpg city and 22 mpg on the highway. In other news, the automaker is not going to return Lincoln’s V8 engine, but there is a huge possibility of 10-seep transmission being introduced. Weather and off road won’t be a big issue with the control 4WD system. The makers of this ride own Control Tac will allow you to comfortably drive in any weather or terrain. Performance has also been improved and is not going to be a problem.

2018 Lincoln Navigator side

2018 Lincoln Navigator – Release Date and Price

Based on rumors milling around, the car is likely to be released towards the end of 2017, somewhere around the beginning of November 2017. The uplifting news is that soon after its release, the car will available almost everywhere throughout the world. The exact price is really hard to tell, but we could see a base price of $62,000 and the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator L starting at $65,000. At the end, from all that has been said, it is evident this car is something we need and want to see. Many can’t just wait to get their hands on it.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Redesign, Concept

If you are a big fan of Lexus RX, there is some good news coming from the official maker. The new 2017 Lexus RX is near completion and if what the company has in the past said is all true, this is a ride to be excited about. It will go through a complete makeover and the car will also see a lot of high-end equipment being added. In short, the upcoming 2017 Lexus Rx is going to give other wheel known brand a run for their money.

2017 Lexus RX front

2017 Lexus RX – Finest Design

The car is going to come with one of the most stunning exterior presentation. Designers have paid very close attention to the key parts and the new 2017 Lexus RX will come with a redesigned grille and headlights. The car will also come with a whole new top cover which will enable air flow for the car. The inside, just the like the exterior, will also see a lot of changes. The interior will come with a more modern look and an array of high-end features and equipment The seat are going to be completed using high-grade leather and the new dimensions changes will see the car come with more room, making it one of the most comfortable rides. As for new features and equipment, the car will come with an updated steering wheel, digitalized system with an LCD display on the central part of the dashboard with a whole new audio system among others.

2017 Lexus RX interior

2017 Lexus RX – Whole Power Unit and Fuel Economy

Under the hood of this ride is where things, really, are going to get very interesting. Even as we wait for the company to give us official information on the car’s engine, the industry has already spoken. First, there is going to be a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can generate up to 295 hp. This unit is less the same with the one we saw on the last model. The second engine we could see the car come fully fitted with is a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce up to 259 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque. The second engine is likely to be paired with half dozen speed transmission inside the front wheel drive or an 8-speed transmission from the 4-wheel drive.

When we talk about fuel economy, this ride should be among the very best in a class where high mileage usually takes a backseat for luxury and performance. While the EPR ratings for the new 2017 Lexus RX have not been released, the car could actually return at 20/28/23 mpg city/highway/combined with front drive. On top of all that, the car will also come with updated wheel; that alone will make the handling a lot better.

2017 Lexus RX side

2017 Lexus RX – Price and Expected Release Date

The official makers of this rider have not released any official information on the release date and price, but according to our sources, we could see the car released during the last quarter of 2016 or even early 2017. As for the price, the car could come with a price tag of around $43,000. Looking at that price, this car is certainly going to be much cheaper than its major rivals like the 2017 BMX X3 and the latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

2017 Lexus RX Release Date and Price

The Kia Telluride concept represents what the automaker call its “cutting-edge visualization for a full-size SUV.” Whereas not envisioned for making in its present configuration, Kia execs confess the Telluride discloses the brand’s attention in the expansion the line up through a premium full-size 7-passenger. Beyond creating a distinct visual report, the Kia Telluride furthermore showcases new technology envisioned for making, counting Kia’s first use of 3D-printed constituents in the interior in addition to a plug-in fusion power train.

Kia Telluride front

Sorento – Based Platform

Based on a reformed Sorento platform and over in Dark Pyrite metallic paint, the Telluride was confined at Kia Design Center America in Irvine, California. Incompletely 10 inches lengthier than the Sorento in addition to with closely a foot larger span among the axles, this impressive one-off additional amps up its attendance with a braver take on the company’s signature tiger-nose grille, destructively edgy bodywork in addition to full LED light set off with refined metal skid plate and enormous 275/45 Hankook Ventus ST tire on tradition 22-inch alloy wheels.

Both the conformist front and back-hinged back doors on the Telluride swipe open a complete 90 degrees to license easy entrĂ©e to its stylishly reduced cabin awash in ironic black leather in adding to alloy accents. Whereas the fold-down third-row bench features a straight design, each of the four captain’s chairs in the main two rows is tailored with a sequence of Smart Sensors that screen fitness data of their inhabitants.

Kia Telluride rear

Kia Telluride Concept – Engine Specs

The Kia Telluride is built-in with a production-prepared plug-in hybrid arrangement with a 3.5-liter V6 creating 270 hp and 130 hp electric motor. That power is transported to all four wheel by a radical all-wheel drive scheme. The Telluride has anticipated to reappearance over 30 mpg while running on the thoroughfare.

Kia Telluride – Design and Features

Other fake touches comprise 3D printed rudiments in the dash door panels and navigation wheel and noticeable display shade for the chief instrumentation in addition to infotainment setup. The Telluride furthermore has wireless front/back charging competence and introduce a touch sensitive Swipe Command strip that permits a second-row passenger to choice program media which could amuse yourself on a 7-speaker Harman Kardon quality audio system or else over wireless headphones that charge when packed in the console.

Kia calls the Telluride a designed workout, however, the idea itself features sufficiently of production bits. The Kia Telluride be seated on a Sorento framework however it occurs to be 9.5 inches longer in addition to 4.4 inches taller than the brand’s main present presenting in the U.S. There is no B-pillar to say of and the interior is geared to highest comfort, with a mid-row of seats with footrests that will recline almost totally flat.

Kia Telluride interior

Kia says that the seat backs are built-in with Smart Sensors that amount and display the travelers’ vibrant signs on the inner door panels, however, stopped small of calling this an ambulance that derived over a time portal from a Star Trek prospect. The dynamic signs are supposed to harmonize with Light Emitted Rejuvenation (LER) scheme, which usages a LED panel situated the sunroof to display a design of calming light to treat jetlag – a communal affliction among automotive journalist — “and recover the passenger’ energy levels.”

Kia Telluride Concept SUV

The Japanese manufacturers of the Isuzu brand of cars have released the next best SUV in their lineup, the Isuzu MU-X 2017. The design is largely based on the Isuzu Pickup D-Max, which means it will be big, rugged and sturdy. The manufacturers kept the characteristics that made the model great when it was last launched, it handles off road driving as smoothly as it does tarmac driving. The Japanese manufacturers have created a quality vehicle upgraded to stand its ground amongst its competitors.

Isuzu MU-X 2017 front

Isuzu MU-X 2017 – Interior and Exterior Design

Isuzu MU-X 2017 model is designed to look powerful and aggressive. The wide front grille and modern front bumpers that are different to its predecessor further accentuate the look. It has been fitted with LED lights redesigned to make the front look aggressive. This SUV does not claim to be what it’s not. It looks, sporty and aggressive on the outside but most of the features are pretty basic. The Japanese are known for valuing function and form more than aesthetics and this philosophy can be seen in the Isuzu MU-X 2017 Model.

The cabin has a basic design but the idea of basic functionality does not mean boring or archaic it only means you have the features that you need within easy reach and it will not take you a lot of time to figure what is what or how to use individual features. You still get the plastic dashboard, an easy to use an air-conditioning system and an infotainment system that has been upgraded. Don’t expect automatic features like automatic headlights or automatic wipers are basic and devoid of the fancy features found in most SUV models.

The car has chunky dials to control air-conditioning and dials to control other things. The stereo system is also a little old with knobs and dials for control. The Isuzu MU-X 2017 has been described as a workhorse with good reason but from the outside, it looks more than just a workhorse but a luxurious, comfortable seven-seater SUV.

There are some , modern features in the car are like USB ports that are connection points for mobile devices and phones. The center console also has twin glove boxes for extra storage. The car has latest technological features that enable high-quality sound, Wi-Fi connectivity and an infotainment system that can be controlled on a touchscreen. The car is equipped with safety features like ABS, airbags and a rearview camera, which is handy for parking.

Isuzu MU-X 2017 interior

Isuzu MU-X 2017 – Engine Specs

The Isuzu MU-X 2017 is a front wheel drive car fitted with a 3.0-liter , four cylinder engine. The engine can produce 130hp at 380 lb-ft torque/ the engine will be mated to a five-speed transmissions system. The car has the capacity to consume an average of 7 to 7.8 liters of fuel per 100km.

Isuzu MU-X 2017 rear

Isuzu MU-X 2017 – Release Date and Price

Isuzu has not revealed a lot about the 2017 Isuzu MU-X but from the rumors, the car is expected to be unveiled towards the end of 2016. The MU-X will be available in three trims. The basic trim is slated to cost around $26,000 whilst the upgraded versions will cost a little bit more depending on the special features and enhanced performance.

Isuzu MU-X 2017 Release Date, Price

The German manufacturer will introduce a new version of a luxury car. Model called the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class will be presented soon.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class Exterior Design

All models with the sign of Mercedes drivers have their own faithful. Equally popular and quality. Design make intersected, curves and lateral parts, which are combined with a perfect rest peacefully details. Light clusters have been redesigned and equipped with LED lighting. Arrangement of LEDs is also changed. Front mask is made of chrome material with a distinctive appearance and a famous star on top of the hood.


Probably S-class will appear as a coupe, sedan and convertible. Incorporating the ideal combination of sports car proportions and the usual luxuries. S-class has Magic Body Control system, which allows the car leans into corners like a motorcycle. This means more fun to drive. Air circulation vents were amended and receive other dimensions. A similar situation is with the whole vehicle, which will be made of quality materials to make better weight. Were added the decorations of brushed and polished aluminum. The fact is that the vehicle captivates with elegance and subtlety.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - exterior

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class Interior Design

The interior of the Mercedes S-class has monitored the exclusivity of the external appearance. The seats are upholstered in high quality leather with strong special stitching. The front part of the cockpit is unusually winding in shape, which means innovative design and better schedule of airbags. According to the plans of the company, should be represented two displays of 12 inches, which will provide all the necessary information and functional management. Controls should be directed to the switch located on the center. Seats will essentially be equipped with heaters, and as a steering wheel, while the supplement will be heating armrest.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - interior 1

A special treat will provide large panoramic glass roof. Infotainment system is top notch. It contains all the innovative features that are in line with the modern driver today. There are a good audio system with many speakers, Bluetooth connection, Internet connection, USB port, the use of smart phones and applications, satellite radio etc. It was also announced Mbrace 2 system providing the driver access to a variety of applications. Some of these applications are: Facebook, Yelp, and Google Street View. The conclusion is that the new model Mercedes-Benz S-class made a big step that will compete hard to attain. It represents the maximum in this moment.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - interior

2017 Mercedes-Benz Engine Power

There are plenty of models labeled S, and will therefore be several engines of this class. One of these is the 4.7-liter V8 twin-turbo engine. An output of 449 hp and torque of 516 lb / ft. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels with 9 speed automatic transmission. This will be a basic variant of the S-class. As for the other engines offer will contain: a 3.0-liter V6 petrol with an output of 436 hp, 5.5-liter V8 engine with an output of 577 hp, 6.0-liter V12 turbo engine with an output of 523 hp and powerful to offer the 6.0-liter V12 turbo engine power of 621 hp. The offer includes something for everyone, all depending on the needs. In addition to the aforementioned gear, there is another 7-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - engine

Safety Features for 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class

Security composition is really impressive. What could certainly be expected. Because this is a Mercedes, one of the most advanced cars in the world. Security will be high. For the driver will take care only the best systems. These are: ABS, Traction control, satellite navigation, stability control, Break assist, airbags, pedestrian detection, warning of lane departure, Intelligent Drive system with two cameras that create a 3D display within 50 meters, motion detection at a distance of 500 meters, Night View Assist Plus etc.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - safety

Competitors for 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class

No one competitor will not be easy to compete with this vehicle. It should reach the level of what has Mercedes or possibly surpass that level. And it’s not an easy job. Maybe even and impossible. As the main competitors will appear: Audi A8, Cadllac CT6, BMW 7 series, Lexus LS, Cadillac XTS, Maserati Quattroporte and Jaguar XJ.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class

The new model Mercedes S-class should appear early next year. But if all the preparation goes smoothly, it could happen later this year. Price is really diverse because there are a lot of variants S class and as a lot of engines. Therefore the price will range from $ 96,000 up to $ 169,000.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class - release date

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2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class Price