2017 Mini Paceman Price, Release Date


The 2017 Mini Paceman according to the information will be presented soon on the market. Some fans even notice that it looks very much like a combination of the Mini Clubman and the Range Rover Evoque. Although called a mini, it will have plenty of space for a comfortable ride. This can be seen as an advantage, but it will provide some not so desirable traits. It will be heavier than its predecessor, which is unusual because some models even after the increased dimensions reduce weight. It will be also more expensive than the previous model. However, it will contain all the necessary and additional functions for the enjoy the ride.

2017 Mini Paceman front

2017 Mini Paceman – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Mini Paceman will have two – five doors and a higher roof than before, so passengers will have more headroom. It will have a redesigned look that will be most noticeable on the front. It will be added LED technology to the headlights which will have a characteristic shape. This will make the right combination for the good look. The grid will be spacious, black with a chrome frame. The shape of the grid will remain approximately the same as before. In the lower part will be in the front bumper and openings for ventilation. The rear part will be beautifully designed, and accent will be on the lights with LED lamps and a small spoiler at the top of the glass. The bottom will include two round exhaust pipes. It is expected that this model will have a greater choice of colors than before, as well as the possible two color combinations. Some details in the exterior will be in chrome.

The interior design of the 2017 Mini Paceman SUV shall be styled using the black color. An extensive use of the high-quality materials within its interior gives the car a better interior design which ensures maximum comfort of passengers as well as the driver. The aggressive front end and the sporty look will make this model to have a unique look. However, the infotainment system on this car isn’t what can be referred to as modern although it has some really good features that are similar to those found in the previous model.

Some of the other new features that are available include the upcoming head-up displays. The collision alert sensor has also been installed so as to warn the driver before any collision occurs.

2017 Mini Paceman rear

2017 Mini Paceman – Whole Power Unit

Some really good low weight engines have been lined up for the 2017 model. This model will have three engines of 1.6-liter one will have a 121 hp, second 181 hp and the last 208 hp.

2017 Mini Paceman – Price and Expected Release Date

The rumors are that the 2017 Mini Paceman as early as the first months of the year 2017. It is also rumored that a starting price of just $ 25,000 the will hit the markets. The value of the vehicle will increase as the trim model of the car. The increase in the size of the engine serves only to increase the available legroom between seats.