2017 GMC Terrain Denali Review, Price


The GMC is an executive model of cars and keeps introducing new models with superb features. The 2017 GMC Terrain Denali is underway and is an SUV that you must have. From the redesigning to the safety features, it will be a luxurious and comfortable vehicle. The latest technologies are also part of the new model. Let us look at the various components:

2017 GMC Terrain Denali front

2017 GMC Terrain Denali – Immaculate Design

The previous models had a blocky look, which has additional features making it look more beastly. As expected, the grill is quite stylish with new and brighter lightings. The headlights match with the chrome design and add up to the style.

The aluminum wheels and chromes are a clear finish of fashion and style. All the outer accessories including mirrors have a gloss and classy finish. The rear is raised to add to the terrain style and design.

Some improvements from the 2015 models are visible in the 2017 GMC Terrain Denali. The dashboard is fully equipped with clear visibility. There is more space between the seats with over eight inches of movement. This space is very useful for the rear seats as it creates more space for cargo.

Gloss finishing for the cars accessories is also new giving the SUV an elegant look. The common front seat armrest is bigger enough for both the driver and front passenger. Leather seat covers give the car the luxurious interior look. A multifunctional steering wheel is also something to look for in the new model.

2017 GMC Terrain Denali interior

2017 GMC Terrain Denali – Engine Specs

This is an SUV machine and therefore requires just enough engine power. The manufacturer is kind enough to give choices between a low fuel and high fuel-consuming engine. The DOHC 24 will be a perfect engine for this car.

This engine has a displacement of 2.4-liter, which is somehow fuel-efficient. It has a power output of 182 hp with 173 lb-ft of torque. It has a higher acceleration and speeds of over 118 mph. Since it is modern, we expect full automation of the car.

The engines work perfectly in terms of increased performance of the GMC. However, the new version will have options for four-wheel drive or just two wheels. In addition, the gear transmission will remain the 6-gear transmission as with the other GMC models.

Another engine will have a capacity of 3.6-liter V6 with 301 hp.

2017 GMC Terrain Denali side

The 2017 GMC Terrain Denali – Release Date and Price

The GMC Terrain SUV is in the modeling stages. Since it is a 2017 model, we expect they have done a lot by now. The developers speculate that by as early as March 2017, the SUV will be out in the market. The sales peak season should be by August 2017. The luxurious and elegant look of the car will play a big role in determining the price. Given that it will compete with cars such as Ford Escape and Honda CR-V, its prices should be well of $25,000.


The 2017 GMC Terrain Denali has some slight but important improvements from the previous models. The safety features are better and the cabin space is just perfect. The exterior designs look more modern and classy. This makes it a vehicle you must want to buy. GMC is an iconic car manufacturer for the luxurious SUV models.