2017 Tesla Model 3 Price and Specs


California automaker will introduce a new model of electric vehicles. This is a fantastic 2017 Tesla Model 3, the smallest on offer but very important.

Tesla Model 3 has a very attractive exterior design, with soft edges. Compared to the S model has a lower roofline and no front bezel. Aerodynamics is very good. Contributing door handles that pop up and after use creep. LED headlamps are very aggressively designed complete with a functional hood. There are no big details and additions to the exterior.


The car is designed quite simple. But it will not affect the overall look. Model 3 is a dynamic, modern and attracts the attention of every driver. A large panoramic roof is a special detail. It stretches almost to the rear of the vehicle. Background light units are equally attractive with quality lighting. They are distinguished by a chrome molding around the window and new, very modern alloyed wheels.


The cabin can accommodate up to five people. Comfort is at a high level, with soft seats with excellent ergonomics. In the central part of the front of the console is set up a big screen. It has a size of up to 15 inches. In some ways represents a real computer. The screen is touch-sensitive and is a center for interaction with the system of autonomous driving Autopilot. The current version of the car has a semi autonomous. The interior, is based on the above, the right technological marvel. The room is made minimalistic, with a small number of keys. In front of the driver is a traditional instrument panel.


The illuminated LED light is pleasant and provides all the necessary information, in the best possible way. It is interesting, that there is no audio device keys, air conditioning, no switches etc. Everything is on the screen. When we describe this, everything seems ridiculous and impossible. But when the model be available to drivers, the meaning of the story will be shown. In this way, engineers at Tesla Motors in some way reduced the cost of vehicle production. However concrete appearance is not yet displayed and everything is under the sign of the concept.


Tesla Model 3 will be equipped with the new super battery that will provide autonomy of about 215 miles. The battery is capable of super charging. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph Tesla Model 3 achieves in 5.6 seconds. This is one version. Another version transmits power to all four wheels, with a battery of 66 kWh can travel 320 miles and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph achieves in 4.7 seconds. As a third variant, the model will appear with two motors, a power of 340 hp and autonomy of about 300 miles. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph achieves in 3.1 seconds.


A lot of attention is directed towards safety. Therefore will be represented all the necessary innovative security systems. The list will likely include: ABS, air bags, stability control, traction control, cameras, sensors, navigation system etc. It is expected to score five stars in safety tests, as was announced by the manufacturer.


Although it seems quite unique, Tesla Model 3 will have strong competitors. This will be the Toyota Mirai, Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet Spark EV, Volkswagen e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.


Release Date and Price for 2017 Tesla Model 3

The new American car manufacturer Tesla, will certainly have the first opportunity to try the American drivers. This could happen at the end of 2017. However there is a possibility to postpone until the arrival of 2018. Price will vary depending on the equipment. The basic model should have a price of about $ 35,000.