2017 Volvo S90 Design for T8, T6


Swedish sedan is an ideal combination of luxury, technology and driving enjoyment. 2017 Volvo S90 will meet the expectations of each driver.

The manufacturer of one of the best vehicles in the world, sincerely hope a great success with the Volvo S90 sedan. The car was placed on a platform SPA (Scalable Product Architecture). All this with a new steel or air suspension. Part of the standard equipment will be LED headlamps. The mask has been redesigned, with an attractive and modern look.


Sedan will have changed dimensions. It gets the title of the largest in its class. It is also in preparation and station wagon version. The exterior has a unique visual characteristics of the R-Design models with integrated fog lights in the front spoiler and alloyed wheels. The chassis has been tuned to give the energetic driving. Sedan looks very elegant but with a sufficient dose of sportiness and many important stylistic elements.


The cabin is pure luxury. The prestigious sedan is equipped with a series of extras for fun and comfort. A special pleasure at the wheel represents Dynamic program for more and better adventure. The control panel is mounted vertically, with a large-screen tablet-style device. The interior is modern. All in line with current trends. The quality of materials and workmanship are at a top level. As we might expect. Has a great influence design of SUV model.


The style is minimalist, with very few buttons. The buttons on the steering wheel are slightly larger in size, while the rear-view mirror is without frame. Very attractive. Satisfaction will also have passengers in the rear. Sports seats are very comfortable, upholstered with pleasant materials. Redesigned also mats and cabin lights. From the details can be observed parts of wood or aluminum. Part of the entertainment system will be a high quality audio system with a lot of speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, memory card slot, Internet connection etc. But the buyer are free to rely on the outstanding telecommunications service with great possibilities.


Volvo S90 is actually a hybrid model with high performance. The mark on the cars T8 represents the strongest machine under the hood. This is an electric hybrid with an output of 400 hp and torque of 472 lb / ft. In just eight seconds will achieve a speed of about 60 mph. As another option is available the 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine with the tag T5 and the power of about 245 hp. As a third variant there will be T6 engine with an output of 320 hp and a mechanical compressor and turbine. Engines will work with 8 speed automatic transmission.


Enough security features will be contained in the Volvo S90. All the innovative systems and modern security measures. There is a system to detect pedestrians, collision avoidance and warning roadblock. Head-Up display will greatly facilitate the work of the driver because they will not have to divert your attention from the road. On the list of safety equipment will be: traction control, stability control, ABS, airbags, navigation, a warning to leave the lane, automatic headlights, tire pressure monitoring etc.


Luxury sedans are specific cars. Mainly with the best appearance and equipment. Every manufacturer is trying to offer the best and most useful. As the main competitors will appear: Audi A6, Hyundai Genesis, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Lexus GS, BMW 5-series, Cadillac CTS and Jaguar XF.


The new model Volvo S90 is shown in several prestigious exhibitions of cars in the world. The opinions of experts, enthusiasts and potential buyers are impressive. Indeed, the car is unique and worth visiting. Sales could begin this year. The price is still guesswork. The basic model could cost around $ 49,000.