2016 Mazda RX-7 Price


Brand new and updated two-seater from the Japanese company is in the preparations. It is 2016 Mazda RX-7. Another super sports car. But with a special look.

2016 Mazda RX-7 Exterior Design

Just Mazda RX-7 would have to take a top position in the supply of car manufacturers. Announced is lightweight and very agile model with excellent driving capabilities. Platform should be borrowed from the MX-5. But with the reduction in weight, since it will be used aluminium for the production. The line will certainly provide excellent aerodynamics with the redesigned parts. The final appearance is not yet finalized. They’re still all just assumptions. For weight reduction will also affect the shape of the car.

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Or Mazda RX-7 will be a sports coupe with two doors. The design will certainly be fashionable with muscular looks and very attractive lights. Alongside the coupe, the Mazda RX-7 will be produced as a convertible. Besides the sporty lines, potential buyers can count on elegance and simplicity. The front grille is likely to be adorned with chrome parts. But we should bear in mind the functional openings for air circulation. The last part will get a small sports spoiler on top of the trunk and the very dynamic lights. The exhaust system has been improved. It is composed of two exhaust manifolds, which are supposed to be square.

2016 Mazda RX-7 - exterior design

2016 Mazda RX-7 Interior Specs

The modern interior design is something on which we can freely count when it comes to the 2016 Mazda RX-7. Body passengers will firmly stick to sports Recaro seats. With excellent ergonomics, aggressive driving is not a problem. The lines of the interior should be compact with generally rounded parts. The central part of the console is intended for the control key and vents. Designers will certainly do the best to make every piece of equipment functional and set to the right place. Sports steering wheel will handle individual buttons for easy operation. Immediately behind the wheel, the driver can expect digital panel for displaying all necessary information. Although they reached modern times, the company Mazda may decide to analog speed indicators. Such a move could be a great fit with a muscular sports car such as the Mazda RX-7. The entire interior space will certainly be covered with quality materials. Will the place get modern touchscreen still is questionable. But with the concept fits great.

2016 Mazda RX-7 - interior

2016 Mazda RX-7 Engine Options

The truth about the engine that will be found under the hood of the Mazda RX-7 is not yet known. It is expected the new rotary engine, or Wankel engine. It should produce an output of about 250 HP. It is possible that also encompass SKYACTIV technology. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels. It will certainly be very fun to drive with all the innovation and performance.

Release date and Price for 2016 Mazda RX-7

Release date for Mazda RX-7 has not yet been released by the company. There’s even a possibility that this would be the year 2017. But for now announcing for the next year. Price is interesting to many, but it is unknown. Everything is based on assumptions. The starting price could be around $ 30,000.

2016 Mazda RX-7 - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 Mazda RX-7

2016 Mazda RX-7 is sure to be a serious competitor to the following models. These are the Chevrolet Camaro, Hyundai Genesis, Toyota GT-86, Subaru BRZ and Nissan Z.

2016 Mazda RX-7 - competitors

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