2016 Nissan Murano Price


2016 Nissan Murano will certainly be one of the most attractive SUV on the market. In front of us is the third generation that has a lot to offer.

2016 Nissan Murano exterior desing and changes

New model Nissan Murano incorporates many design elements that are common for this company. Key features originate from the V-motion design. It is known for sharp wedge shape that stands out from the front. The entire length the slowly turning into beautiful curves. This powerful exterior is enriched with sharp LED lights in the shape of a boomerang. Inserted are a lot of decorative details of chromium, such as masks and spread the refrigerator. Sharp edges contribute to aggression of the vehicles. The modern style includes good aerodynamics. In the production are included only high-quality materials and a reduced vehicle weight. Nissan Murano is based on the infamous D platform shared by the model Maxima.

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The lateral line is high with prominent C-pillar. That is why is so round the shape of Murano models. Special feature is the large panoramic roof that is run electronically. Passengers on all seats have a clear view of the sky. The profile is lower due to the floating roof. On the rear side is set roof spoiler while the above are chrome roof rack. Tail lights, by the shape is very similar to the front with LED technology. When looking at the complete vehicle conclusion is simple. Indeed modern design with lots of decorations that lead Murano to perfection. The body with five doors and external colors of high quality. New models have been added redesigned alloy wheels in size from 20 inches. The vehicle that will take you to a fantastic driving experience.

2016 Nissan Murano - exterior design

2016 Nissan Murano interior changes

Pure luxury is present in the cabin of the crossover 2016 Nissan Murano. From materials prevail leather, chrome, aluminum and wood. All the most expensive. But at the same time and the highest quality. The atmosphere is high but we are accustomed to. The interior has plenty of room, with seats that can accommodate five passengers. These are Zero Gravity seats with high functionality and comfort. The feeling of driving is unreal. Are upholstered in premium leather and the back seats can break. This gives a large flat area for load objects in various dimensions. Each part of the cabin is costly. This primarily refers to the instrument panel. First place on the list of modern equipment occupies NissanConnectSM infotainment system which is connected to a touch screen in size from 8 inches. Among the other pieces of equipment highlights automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, etc. It is possible to connect and smart device that offers great options. On the central screen displays and information on the audio device, the navigation system as well as communication capabilities. Most of the options are available and the rear seats. Safety is a different story. There’s so much. Represented a lot of airbags, and is highly unlikely to be injured in a crash. Plus, what body itself absorbs shot in a special way. Then there is the Dynamic Ride Control, Traction Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic braking systems, cameras, tire pressure monitoring, and more.

2016 Nissan Murano - interior

2016 Nissan Murano engines

For now not known exactly all information on the engine that will be found under the hood of the 2016 Nissan Murano. For the US market is prepared 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine which will have an output of 206 HP and 335 Nm of torque. With the engine will operate XTRONIC advanced gear that ensures the smoothness of the ride. It has a very fast response. Keep the engine in the ideal speed for the road conditions. Fuel economy is improved by about 20 percent compared to the previous model. Driving is especially comfortable thanks to the use of an independent suspension on all wheels. As for the brakes, set the discs on all wheels. The company will produce and Nissan Altima Hybrid model. It consists of a 2.5 liter petrol engine with a supercharger and an electric motor of 80 kW. The system is underpinned by a CVT automatic transmission and lithium ion battery of newer generation. From this combination could be out power of 2501 HP and 329 Nm of torque.

2016 Nissan Murano - engine

Release date and price for the 2016 Nissan Murano

According to the expectations and announcements, the new Nissan Murano is supposed to go on sale later this year. Basic price should be around $ 35,000. As competitors stand out Ford Edge, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota RAV4.

2016 Nissan Murano - release date and price

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