2016 Volkswagen CC Coupe


The car that certainly deserves attention is the new 2016 Volkswagen CC. It is a coupe with four doors. It brings real refreshment from Germany.

2016 Volkswagen CC Exterior Preview

2016 Volkswagen CC is incredibly modern and updated. There are actually a fantastic line that decorates only the giants of the automotive industry. It is based on the Passat, because it has the same characteristics and components of an integrated appearance. Many have declared it as a cheaper form of the Audi A7. Coming model will be set up in a completely new and functional MQB platform. Introduced as a sports coupe with four doors with premium parts and accessories. In some ways looks familiar but different. Maybe the right word is modern and attractive. The roof line is lowered, but the resulting excellent aerodynamics. B and C pillars are massive, while the windows are framed by chrome strips.

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Volkswagen CC contains all the elements of individuality and practicality. The designers have introduced the emotional value of the vehicle with a new look. With the new front and rear styling, slowly approaching the luxury class. Includes Bi-Xenon headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights. But are set and static cornering lights. Tail lights have a new design and are equipped with LED technology. 2016 Volkswagen CC has been created for all those who want to find in a limousine sportier ride. Athletic body is made of top quality materials. Weight of the car is reduced and even driving skills. On the front side is set wide radiator grille and air vents in the lower part of the bumper. The new model Volkswagen CC will have slightly larger dimensions compared to the outgoing model. The roof line is steeper, which provides dynamic, but will have a negative impact on the rear space of the cabin. Seen from above it can be seen a big panoramic roof that is run electronically. With the new model Volkkswagen CC are set new redesigned alloy wheels.

2016 Volkswagen CC - exterior design

2016 Volkswagen CC Interior Features and Changes

The interior of the 2016 Volkswagen CC models can accommodate up to four passengers. There is enough space for a comfortable ride. But still smaller problems are present. This is slightly lower cabin that makes it difficult for passengers to get in their car, as well as massive pillars. Therefore, the visibility through the rear window is lowered. But it’s not so great objections. What applies to the driver is in excellent condition. Everything on the 2016 Volkswagen CC is set up perfectly and in place. With all the high quality decorations and equipment can be classified in Class of luxury sport cars. The combination of enjoyment and adventure. The seats are upholstered in leather and will comfortably take you to each place. Lumbar part, especially can be adjusted depending on the needs of travelers. Notable is the spaciousness to accommodate all keys and combinations for the engineers was light. It has details that make it a vehicle good for everyday needs and an excellent choice of business people.

2016 Volkswagen CC - interior 1

Much effort has been given to the practicality and aesthetics. Were created enough storage space for smaller things. The front and rear of the cabin is equipped with cup holders. As we are used to from German manufacturers, quality is not accidentally called into question. The dashboard at the Volkswagen CC is functional and is very similar to the model Passat. Add the garnish and a little more modern details. Driving position is slightly raised, but all seats are moved electronically. The three-spoke sports steering wheel is covered with leather, while in the middle is the touch screen display.

Any additional keys are grouped around the screen, the steering wheel and the door. The entertainment center is built to a higher level. In addition to the navigation system, in the 2016 Volkswagen CC is present a good audio player, internet connection, connection of external devices, hands-free calling, voice command, and of course plenty of safety features. On the list are Side Assist Plus Lane Assist, Dynamic Light Assist, cameras, sensors, airbags, etc.

2016 Volkswagen CC - interior

2016 Volkswagen CC Engine Options

Many engines are planned for a 2016 Volkswagen . There will be something for everyone. Planned are diesel and gasoline engines with direct injection. As for the petrol engines offer could cover the following engines. These are the 1.4 liter, 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter. These are mainly V6 4-cylinder engines. Power will range from 160 HP up to 210 HP. Those who love power, most attention will attract 3.6-liter V6 engine that will produce an output of 295 HP and torque of 260 lb / ft. On the other hand diesel engines will be equipped with a turbine. There is a 2.0-liter TDI engine. It has an output of 180 HP and torque of 280 lb / ft. With the engines should operate a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission.

2016 Volkswagen CC - engine

Release Date nad Price for the 2016 Vokswagen CC

The new model 2016 Volkswagen CC will first be found on the streets of German cities. Then the plan is to cover the complete European market, followed by America, Russia and China. Sales could begin mid next year. The basic model could cost around $ 35.000. As competitors to the Volkswagen CC will appear Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz CLC, Infiniti Q50, Lexus ES 350 and BMW 4.

2016 Volkswagen CC - release date and price

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