New Ford Kuga 2017 Facelift


When Ford first created the Kuga model, it created it for the European market. It was modeled to resemble the Ford Escape in 2007 but over the years these two models evolved to be very different. The new Ford Kuga 2017 model is a refreshed, revamped and totally different type of SUV-Ford wanted the differences to be noticeable and for the Kuga to stand on its. Unfortunately car aficionados cannot stop comparing the Kuga to the Escape.

Ford Kuga 2017 front

Ford Kuga 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

The New Ford Kuga 2017 model is described as a mid-sized SUV with an updated profile and style. You wouldn’t think much has changed by looking at the front but at the back, ford has fitted black-framed taillights that were not there in the previous Kuga model and they have also included new Led lights that look sharper. The New Ford Kuga 2017 model has a wheelbase of 73 inches, a length of 186 inches and a height of 111-inches; this translates into better handling on rough terrain. The bumper has also been enlarged. This means the front is better protected than the previous models of the Kuga. The headlights have been removed from the grille whilst the taillights have been given a facelift. The car comes with bigger alloy wheels and a ground clearance that has been increased to make it a better all-terrain vehicle. At first glance, the car looks sportier but it also maintains its rugged sturdy frame.

The interior of the New Ford Kuga 2017 model was created for comfort. This car can comfortably sit 8 passengers and still have enough cargo space to stow extras away. The seats are luxuriously wrapped in soft leather and have been designed to support the back. The center console has an LCD touch screen, which makes controlling the many features of the car easier. The New Ford Kuga 2017 model has modern technological features like a navigation system, parking assistance, rearview mirror, an infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity as well as automatic climate control. It has also been equipped with traction control, ABS, stability control as well as enough airbags to keep occupants relatively safe in case of an accident.

Ford Kuga 2017 interior

Ford Kuga 2017 – Engine and Performance

The Kuga 2017 model has been fitted with a 1.6 L EcoBoost engine with an output of 178 horsepower and a 170 Nm torque. This revolutionary engine is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission that works for either a front wheel drive configuration or an all-wheel drive one. There has been a lot of thought put into the fuel economy on this car and at 30 mpg; the fuel economy is within EPA standards. The New Ford Kuga can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds. There are other engine options like the 2.0 L engine that generates 240 horsepower. A diesel Engine is rumored to be in the works ad it is expected to be a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine capable of generating 168 horsepower and 170 Nm torque. The engines will be coupled to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Kuga 2017

Ford Kuga 2017 – ReleaseDate and Price

The new Kuga 2017 model is said to be created for the European, Australian and Asian markets. The release date of this model is expected to be July 2016 or towards the end of 2016. The price is estimated to be in the region of $24,000.