New Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept


The new Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept vehicle made its first appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show. This vehicle is basically a compact electric SUV running on the newest generation of EV system. The car has the look of a coupe merged with a hatchback accented by SUV lines. This vehicle will be a perfect choice for the people looking for a crossover running on electricity. It is stylish vehicle with a sporty aspect and design with an electric engine system that will provide the power and features that will suite your needs.

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept – Fresh New Look Promised Improvements

The new Mitsubishi EX SUV concept has a sunning interior design. The dashboard has multiple screens installed within. There are no physical buttons equipped in the vehicle and there is no need for any. There is the center console and the instrument cluster on the dash that compliments the screens and is the main reason why there is no need for physical buttons installed. An augmented reality widescreen is also equipped in the vehicle that allows you project your information by overlaying them on them on real surroundings. The interior is that of a concept vehicle. It has a luxurious design that provides a comfort level familiar with this type and model of vehicle. The features equipped within the vehicle are of the latest in technology and designed to give you the best in drivability.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi EX SUV very much implies designed features of a MMC designing. The entire vehicle implies MMC design features. Other features that are equipped in the vehicle include driving tech. This tech combines next-gen information system with advance active safety tech and connected car tech the offer the safest most comfortable ride. The vehicle is equipped with features that detect malfunctioning parts of the vehicle or abnormalities of the vehicle early and alerts the driver and also advises him to take the vehicle in for servicing. The safety features equipped will quickly adjust when the vehicle detects danger.

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept interior

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept – Modification Uder the Hood

The Mitsubishi EX SUV concept is an electric vehicle with the next-gen EV system equipped. This system employs a compact high output motor mated with a high-capacity and performance battery that makes the set up more efficient and much lighter. The entire vehicle has had further weight reduction done. The battery of the SUV is installed beneath the body and as a result, the center of gravity has been lowered. The driver of this vehicle will get the best handling that a Twin Motor 4WD integrated S-AWC dynamics control system has to offer.

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept side

Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept – Release Date

There is no release date set for this vehicle as the vehicle is expected to hit the markets by the earliest year 2020. The price that the Mitsubishi EX SUV Concept will be available has not yet been released. The people who want information on this vehicle will have to wait for just a little while longer for the information to be released by Mitsubishi. This is a vehicle that will provide the highest levels of comfort and drivability. This is a vehicle that you will be proud to own and even more proud to drive.