2017 Ford Troller T4 Review, Price


If you love off-road driving and adventures, it is very likely you have heard of the new 2017 Ford Troller T4. Ford plans to release this car in 2017 and from pictures we have managed to see so far, it is evident the upcoming 2017 Ford Troller T4 is going to be one of the most loved off-road cars come next year. The upcoming Ford T4 is a substitute for the Bronco vehicle.

2017 Ford Troller T4 front

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Look and Shape

From a distance you would mistake this ride for Jeep Wrangler; its exterior design resembles that of Jeep wrangler though it looks more aggressive. The new 2017 Ford Troller T4 has bold cuts, sharp lines, and more modern look. The front part of the car also been redesign; it now features new LED lights, rounded shape headlights and fogs lights. Plus, the front also comes fully fitted with a mesh grille and open bumper and angular fenders; all that combined with boxy design and you get a perfect old school design that most of us have always been yearning for. The inclusion of fiberglass in the body will also impart good features. The 17-inch wheel this car comes with now get a rubber covering that will enable it to withstand all terrains and its wider wheelbase will provide room for improvement of cargo space.

As with the outside design, the inside of this vehicle has been redesigned to include more cargo space. Right on the display is a 4.2’’ display screen that has been added to support the infotainment system. The multi-function steering wheel has also received a major facelift; it now gets a more appealing look thanks to leather covering. The car will allow seating for two people only and the two doors it comes with are now wider and the redesigned front part will enable better airflow in the inside. It does not even stop there; other than the car coming with a very spacious interior, the inside will also receive more light thanks to a glass sunroof that will be fitted. When it comes to safety, seat belts and airbags have been provided.

2017 Ford Troller T4 interior

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Engine Specs and Performance

When it comes to engine specs, it is said the engine displacement will be about 3.2-liter with 5-cylinders and an output of around 200 hp and torque of 347 lb-ft of torque. This unit will be mated to a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission system and the model depending on the option you choose to for. The new 2017 Ford Troller T4 will be offered on an all-wheel drive platform. The engine will be diesel powered and the rear and front axles have all been used to get the car handle all kinds of terrains. Plus, this vehicle will be piped to be fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, making it the best choice for all terrains.

2017 Ford Troller T4 side

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Release Date and Price

Although the company has not made anything official, a few speculations have been thrown around and is not expected to change very much from that of its predecessor. We are likely to see an early 2017 release and its price could range from $25,000 to $30,000.