Kia Telluride Concept SUV


The Kia Telluride concept represents what the automaker call its “cutting-edge visualization for a full-size SUV.” Whereas not envisioned for making in its present configuration, Kia execs confess the Telluride discloses the brand’s attention in the expansion the line up through a premium full-size 7-passenger. Beyond creating a distinct visual report, the Kia Telluride furthermore showcases new technology envisioned for making, counting Kia’s first use of 3D-printed constituents in the interior in addition to a plug-in fusion power train.

Kia Telluride front

Sorento – Based Platform

Based on a reformed Sorento platform and over in Dark Pyrite metallic paint, the Telluride was confined at Kia Design Center America in Irvine, California. Incompletely 10 inches lengthier than the Sorento in addition to with closely a foot larger span among the axles, this impressive one-off additional amps up its attendance with a braver take on the company’s signature tiger-nose grille, destructively edgy bodywork in addition to full LED light set off with refined metal skid plate and enormous 275/45 Hankook Ventus ST tire on tradition 22-inch alloy wheels.

Both the conformist front and back-hinged back doors on the Telluride swipe open a complete 90 degrees to license easy entrĂ©e to its stylishly reduced cabin awash in ironic black leather in adding to alloy accents. Whereas the fold-down third-row bench features a straight design, each of the four captain’s chairs in the main two rows is tailored with a sequence of Smart Sensors that screen fitness data of their inhabitants.

Kia Telluride rear

Kia Telluride Concept – Engine Specs

The Kia Telluride is built-in with a production-prepared plug-in hybrid arrangement with a 3.5-liter V6 creating 270 hp and 130 hp electric motor. That power is transported to all four wheel by a radical all-wheel drive scheme. The Telluride has anticipated to reappearance over 30 mpg while running on the thoroughfare.

Kia Telluride – Design and Features

Other fake touches comprise 3D printed rudiments in the dash door panels and navigation wheel and noticeable display shade for the chief instrumentation in addition to infotainment setup. The Telluride furthermore has wireless front/back charging competence and introduce a touch sensitive Swipe Command strip that permits a second-row passenger to choice program media which could amuse yourself on a 7-speaker Harman Kardon quality audio system or else over wireless headphones that charge when packed in the console.

Kia calls the Telluride a designed workout, however, the idea itself features sufficiently of production bits. The Kia Telluride be seated on a Sorento framework however it occurs to be 9.5 inches longer in addition to 4.4 inches taller than the brand’s main present presenting in the U.S. There is no B-pillar to say of and the interior is geared to highest comfort, with a mid-row of seats with footrests that will recline almost totally flat.

Kia Telluride interior

Kia says that the seat backs are built-in with Smart Sensors that amount and display the travelers’ vibrant signs on the inner door panels, however, stopped small of calling this an ambulance that derived over a time portal from a Star Trek prospect. The dynamic signs are supposed to harmonize with Light Emitted Rejuvenation (LER) scheme, which usages a LED panel situated the sunroof to display a design of calming light to treat jetlag – a communal affliction among automotive journalist — “and recover the passenger’ energy levels.”