Lotus SUV Concept, Price


Seen as an effort by the designer to introduce a car that combines both comfort and usability, Lotus SUV Concept car is being built. It’s been said that this is an effort by the company to introduce a compact SUV in order to meet the ambitious need for a high-performance car. As a matter of fact, the car will not only come with superior handling capabilities but also a stunning design that will see it satisfy customers, especially ladies.

Lotus SUV front

Lotus SUV – Exterior & Interior Design

The car will be built on the same concept just like its predecessors, but will now feature several reincarnations in features and overall design. Weighing only 400 pounds, this is going to be one of the lightest cars in this category. The car will be streamlined, stylish and will also feature soft and attractive lines on the exterior. Overall, the car is going to come with a modern design with a lot of details like aggressive appearance among other things that will surely turn heads whenever you drive. The inside is going to be all about technology and contemporary. It will load five passengers and the interior will focus largely on the front passengers and the driver, as well. To entice the customer even further, the car’s interior will be established on Aston Martin concept. Of standard equipment and features, we think that it should be similar to the Porsche Cayenne.

Lotus SUV – Engine and Performance

The upcoming Lotus SUV Concept is expected to thrive with a strong and streamlined drive train, and according to our sources, Lotus hopes to use one or both of the Toyota-sourced synthetic paired with another. These engines will include a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The engine will either be ready with or without a supercharger. It is not even going to stop there; the automaker will equip a higher power to heaviness ratio. This could include a diesel engine and hybrid option for 4-wheel drive setup. This will largely benefit the car equipping power to the front wheel and a motor to drive the back wheel. It is said that this ride will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 5 seconds and its top speed expected to hit 155 mph. When it comes to fuel consumption, it is going to be low so drivers can be sure of getting a fuel efficient vehicle. We could also see the European market get diesel and a hybrid option for all-wheel drive configurations.

Lotus SUV rear

Lotus SUV – Release Date and Price

The official release date for the upcoming Lotus SUV Concept has not been finalized, but its promotion is said to begin in 2017. Telling the exact price is also going to be one of the hardest parts; however, it is speculated that the price range could be somewhere like $100,000 for the base version and much higher price as the trim get higher. All these being speculations, don’t get excited as these figures could change once the car is officially released to the pubic. What we know, however, is that the ride is going to be quite popular and many will be proud to drive.