2017 Mini Cooper Release Date, Price


When it comes to 2017 Mini Cooper, you will surely have a strong impression. There is no doubt that it would be the only choice among Cooper fans. This latest Cooper is more charismatic, which can define status. This better and improved model can certainly represent fun, style, and class. It is a one-piece vehicle that brings to you even the most advanced feature so that you are never disheartened.

2017 Mini Cooper front

2017 Mini Cooper – Elegance Design

This model appears to be similar to that of its last version. There are not much of cosmetic changes done, but certainly, you will be able to know about the few new options. This car might be available in two new colors:

  • Caribbean Aqua blue which can emulate the original color palette.

  • Melting Silver that was introduced in new Clubman series of Mini.

The 2017 Mini Cooper comes up with top features such as:

  • Sunroof functionality that can surely enable partial open instead of fully retracted.

  • Convertible top that comes with herringbone pattern.

This vehicle gives an opportunity to accommodate four people. Two passengers can sit in the back and folding top ensures enough space. Premium quality leather in seat used to give a classy look. Leather interior available in Malt Brown comes along with diamond stitching. Easy cargo system is still available in this car and 2017 Mini Cooper offers “Always Open Timer” system which is known to be an inbuilt meter that can record the time of vehicle which has been driven.

The automobile is supported with a 6.5-inch multimedia screen that is the best part of Mini Cooper. The connected system has an 8.8-inch screen along with navigation system and rain warning application. The rain application takes up the stress to alert driver regarding the rain. The visual and audible warning of storm approaching is an appreciable feature available.

2017 Mini Cooper interior

2017 Mini Cooper – Influential Engine and Fuel Economy

This model comes with 3 turning knobs that enable proper air flow system. The command functionality is simply and easy to operate. The hatchback is available in four-cylinder fuel engines that are also found in the Cooper Hatchback. The output of this car is 228 hp and the powertrain is available in options of automatic and stick-shift transmission.

The base of 2017 Mini Cooper is available with 134 hp which is supported with 1.5-liter and 3 cylinders turbocharged. This car comes with direct injected engine that can surely deliver a superb speed to customers. Although fuel economy hasn’t been officially announced this Mini is ready to offer the front wheel drive system which can truly be very powerful and can offer high speed to drivers.

2017 Mini Cooper rear

2017 Mini Cooper – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

When it comes to class and style, cost does not matter much. Therefore, 2017 Mini Cooper is expected to be available at a base price of $25,700. Cooper Convertible starts at $28,700 and the John Cooper Convertible will be found at $35,850. This vehicle will be available by the end of 2016 and customers can surely get the opportunity to buy by this year. Competition for this car is yet to be updated.