Nissan Gripz Concept Price


One of the reasons why Nissan is so popular and successful, is in regular implementation and innovation of new details, from styling to performance. There has been a while since we were listening about new concept from their designers, and now time has come to be unveiled. It is brand new Nissan Gripz concept. This platform got its inspiration from 240Z car, and there are some obvious details showing that. Further, we can conclude that new generations of Z cars are going to be build on this concept.

Nissan Gripz Concept front

Nissan Gripz Concept – Unique Feature

Exterior of the Nissan Gripz concept could be described in one word, and it is aggressive. From front to the end, this platform is very attractive. Headlights, which are cut in two ways, have boomerang look. Tight hood is adding some more elegance to its black matte design. This is a part where similarities with some classic 240Z models are the most obvious. Hood overflows to V-motion grille with rectangular lamps. These are multifunctional parts of the Gripz concept, and there could be placed cameras. Side panels are also unconventional, which makes this platform even more interesting. Roof is also attractive, with A-pillars and 22-inches three-spoke wheels, and unique tires. Scissor doors, B-pillars, mirrors and many other parts are just astonishing. Interior is not described so well at this point, but many new infotainment features are available, and safety is better than at any other Nissan vehicle.

The interior of the Gripz is a little more subdued than the exterior. The uncovered tubes and the 2+2 formed basin seats draw their motivation from bikes. That treatment proceeds with the guiding wheel, which has the same illustrations found on the sidewall of the tires, and the entryway pulls, which really resemble the seats of a hustling bicycle.

The instrument bunch is additionally irregular, not due to yet another association with bikes, but rather due to its chronograph-roused plan. It’s presumably not the most utilitarian presentation to peruse, however it looks truly cool. The coasting computerized show resting between the two-layered dashboard is another eccentric plan that emerges much all the more considering that whatever remains of the inside console looks tame by comparison.

Nissan Gripz Concept interior

Nissan Gripz Concept – Engine and Performance

Power source of the Nissan Gripz concept comes from Pure Drive e-Power, as the company officials said. No further information has been released since this announcement, and we only know that cars which are about to use this platform, will be powered by hybrid engine consisted of gasoline unit and electric batteries. Similar combination is expected as for Nisan Leaf. This technology is based on the EV hybrids, and highlight of it is excellent fuel economy. However, with some modifications, it could bring new vision on the market. Performance won’t suffer, since first cars built on Gripz concept will go 125 mph and acceleration to 60 mph is about 7 sec.

Nissan Gripz Concept rear

Nissan Gripz Concept – Release Date and Price

The release date of this car is not specified, however it is said that this car will be released in the next 15 months. That means that this car should be out on the market at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. The price in not determined but there it is speculated that the price will be more than $30,000 so we will have to wait on that.