Volkswagen XL1 Price and Specs


The future of the auto industry are all economical vehicles with alternative motor fuels. Such a group will join Volkswagen XL1 concept.

Twenty years ago, German automaker launched the idea called “one liter”. Whole idea was to create a vehicle that consumes one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers or about 60 miles. The design idea is a special and very interesting. Reminiscent of the General Motors EV-1. The vehicle does not possess the mirrors due to the creation of ideal aerodynamics. Instead, they set up the cameras, which transmit the image to the internal display. It will also achieve a specific roof line.


The construction is extremely easy because the car is made of carbon fiber, with very low rolling resistance. Volkswagen XL1 has a length of 152.7 inches, a width of 65.3 inches and a height of 45 inches. It is even lower than the Lamborghini model. It is a compact unit with a specific light on the front side but also on the rear. The front grille is closed, while under is set opening with electrically controlled shifting. The last part is narrowed and the wheels are closed. It has a fantastic weight of only 1,752 lb. Truly impressive car in every sense.


Quite an adequate environment is present when the door is opened. Futuristic look and schedule. Exactly what suits outward appearance. But no complicated schedules. The entire core is sent to the central touch screen and few keys around. Immediately below is the command part to control the air conditioner. Two small screens are placed at the door.


Their task is to show the area behind the vehicle that cameras record instead of mirrors. This is a very pretty and unusual idea. Innovation that VW applied first. We should expect comfortable seats, made from comfortable materials. The cabin will be equipped with modern technologies and all necessary communication systems. All in all, the interior of the Volkswagen XL1 is modern and elegant. To a large extent, and what we can expect.


Under the hood will be placed two engines. First one is 0.8-liter TDI diesel engine with an output of 47 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The second engine is an electric motor which has a power output of 27 hp and torque of 100 Nm. Power will be transmitted to the wheels by a 7 speed automatic twin-clutch transmission. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph, the car will accomplished in 11.9 seconds, while the speed is limited to 60 mph. Fuel consumption is a different story. This information attracted great attention. Average fuel consumption is 0.17 gallons of diesel. With a fully charged battery can exceed 22 miles. With a standard 240-volt charger charging time is one hour. But with new technology and new way, that time is reduced to half an hour.


Still, it is not an open topic of security systems which will be incorporated in the model Volkswagen XL1. However, we should expect all the necessary safety systems to the best way to protect occupants and the environment. Therefore, we should expect navigation, ABS, stability control, airbags, cameras, warning of the collision etc.


On the market increasingly appears an electric car. This is normal because this is the future on our streets. Therefore, the competition is getting stronger and stronger. As the main competitors for the model Volkswagen XL1 will appear: Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi I-MIEV and Toyota Prius.


Release Date and Price for Volkswagen XL1

Model Volkswagen XL1 is still under observation and checks. The concept is presented and when it goes on sale will make a real bang. But just price is the biggest problem. The car is much more expensive, and therefore questionable. Engineers have mentioned the eventual production of 100 copies. This could happen for several years. Would not surprise us that this car appears in series production, as well as an ideal solution for urban, ecological driving. For now anticipated starting price of about $ 98,000.