2016 Land Rover Defender


2016 Land Rover Defender is the British off-road vehicle known for its great possibilities. A serious design venture was applied to the vehicle.

What exterior design gets 2016 Land Rover Defende?

Defender will experience major cosmetic changes. Engineers have applied the old style but in a modern way. The new generation will have a futuristic look and external functions ready to resist any demands. Exterior has been updated and looks very nice. Characterize the aluminum superstructure why Defender will be very strong but much lighter.

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Lighter materials will increase the speed and better management. Will keep a square form with improved aerodynamics and line. The list includes LED daytime running lights and LED brake lights. Body will contain five or three doors. With muscular appearance will provide safety and security. Spare tire will continue to be placed at the back door. Defender comes with new alloy wheels of 18 inches. Also is set and a titanium exhaust system.

2016 Land Rover Defender - exterior design

Inside look at the Defender has also been redesigned. A streamlined and attractive with all the extras. Were used only the best material and equipment. Cabin can accommodate five passengers. Cobra sports seats will provide comfort and driving with minimal inconvenience. It primarily depends on the terrain. Leather details are quite frequent. It is a leather steering wheel, leather shift knob and leather instrument panel. The whole area is beautifully planned while technological pieces of equipment are at a high level. This part will include hands-free telephony, internet connection, good audio device, air conditioning, navigation, connecting external devices, and more.

2016 Land Rover Defender - interior

Which engine is planned for 2016 Land Rover Defender?

Defender will have diesel and petrol engine with excellent fuel economy. For now it is known that these are V6 and V4 4-cylinder Ingenium engines. Offer of transmissions will include 8-speed and 9-speed automatic and manual transmissions. Engine power might be moving between 160 and 240 horsepower. But it is possible that it will appear and a hybrid version of this off-road vehicle.

2016 Land Rover Defender - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Land Rover Defender?

Land Rover Defender should enter into the production program in the summer of 2016. Its creators have announced the best terrain in the world.It will certainly be introduced to some of the major exhibitions of cars next year. The price of this model will be in the range of 60,000$ to 100,000$.

2016 Land Rover Defender - release date and price

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