Mazda Koeru Concept Car


Koeru in the Japanese dialect literally equates to “exceed” or even “go beyond”. This is just what the Mazda Koeru Concept is all about. This automobile first premiered at the Frankfurt auto show, and it has managed to raise the eyebrows of virtually all who saw it. Essentially, this is a sporty four door hatchback, which more than anything else looks like the CX-3, Mazda’s brand new compact crossover model. The carmaker has asserted that this particular concept is an incarnation of a “newer” generation of its products, and it brings to the table a delightful touch of polished refinement.

Mazda Koeru Concept front

Mazda Koeru Concept – Design Modifications

The Koeru concept is noted for integrating the carmakers iconic Kodo design. It stands at 181.1” in length, 74.5” in width and 59.1” in height. This make it look extremely compact and having an air of athletic bounce with smooth lines all across its whole body. Mazda has paid plenty of attention to this concept’s aerodynamics, and this design features an optimized airflow over its top. Its underbelly has also been purposefully engineered to minimize air turbulence at its front end. The Mazda Koeru concept comes with a big grille with the famous logo conspicuously perched at the center. Its front has “muscular” fender along with slim LED headlights. At its rear, there are diminutive horizontal headlights, dual exhaust outlets, a sloping roof and tailgate. All of which lends it a “coupe-like” crossover model appearance.

Since this model is just a concept, there is naturally very minimal interior specifications to write home about. Still, with that said, the Koeru concept can accommodate seven passengers. It also features this carmaker’s head up cockpit car connectivity system. It also integrates the safety functionality. This is basically composed of intelligent cruise control, rear collision alert, lane departure warning. Along with headlights that can be configured to “full” or “low” beam whenever the driver deems it appropriate to do so. Finally, the Mazda Koeru concept also comes with the carmaker’s NVH technology, which is meant to minimize noise and vibrations within the cabin. This goes a long way in facilitating too much more quieter rides.

Mazda Koeru Concept interior

Mazda Koeru Concept – Specs

As is always the case with concept models, Mazda has made it a point to place a tight lid on the exact power trains that will drive this car. However, the automaker has gone on to assert that it will make use of its very latest SkyActiv technology. This has made pundits in automobile industry to infer two possible engines, which could be fitted on the Mazda Koeru concept if it went to production. The first would be a 2.5 L four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The other option would be a 2.2 L SkyActiv turbocharged diesel engine.

Mazda Koeru Concept rear

Mazda Koeru Concept – Release Date and Price

Since the Mazda Koeru concept happens to be just that, a “concept” model, there are as yet no definite price set for it. Neither a specified release date into the automobile market. Mazda has not in any way indicated just which brand the Koeru will be previewing among the models it currently produces. This certainly means that until the moment this concept passes to the production stage, details on its price tag and release date will remain a profound mystery.