New Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016


It took many months of spy shots, rumors, speculation and leaks, however the latest member of the Land Rover family is at last official and in this article we have all the details. Just like the Land Rover Sport, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 is faster and a smaller version of a car that might wear a similar name. It offers an all-new design and style that is much like the Discovery Vision Concept that bowed early this year. The new model is packed to the gills with revolutionary technology, and it has a few of the nicest design touches ever suited for a Discovery.

The older list of cars Land Rover provided was okay but is not much more. The Freelander has already proved to be quite old and didn’t truly deliver when it comes to styling or performance. The car that is going to replace it is really destined to be the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport. They have gone for this naming scheme rather than the old one since the new model is going to be a lot more luxurious as well as stronger and better looking. It will really share a lot more components with the Evoque instead of the Discovery however that isn’t such a negative thing, is it? Beginning with the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016, Land Rover will get the similar Ingenium engines as compare to its sister company, Jaguar.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 front wiew


The new Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 exterior on the other side is going to be a mixture between the regular Sport along with the new Evoque with the final result being a very lovely car. The front is equipped with the LED and Xenon lighting whereas the back will be the similar integrated or built-in exhaust as the Evoque. When it comes to the interior the new Disco Sport 2016 will be quite exceptional. The majority of the interior features are going to be new while some will be borrowed from the Evoque. The materials will end up being top notch with premium leather, real aluminum or evens wood. The car seats on the contrary are going to be the similar to in the most recent Range Rover Sport which that displays just how much this company is putting in this car. The standard equipment degree consists of an infotainment system with satellite navigation, an 8 inch screen, leather upholstery and the rest of the commodities of a luxury car.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 top wiew


Just like we earlier said, the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport will be able to get two distinct engines, both 2.0-liter units. The petrol version can give around 260 horsepower whereas the diesel will be provided in 2 power versions, a 150 hp as well as a 200 horsepower. The two of them will come as standard with an automatic 9-speed and also with a standard all-wheel-drive with the chance 12 the less stronger diesel with a 6-speed which is manual and front-wheel-drive for no additional cost.

To take full advantage of this, stylish shell, new, the engine and latest automatic nine-speed ZF transmission from the Range Rover Evoque are together with AWD system that’s advanced to produce a dynamic as well as capable machine.

The new 2016 Discovery Sport is around the size of the part leader in sales, the Audi Q5 – although a few inches shorter and virtually half a foot more expansive. Land Rover is evidently attempting to pull elements of classy Evoque for its models over the board. Up front, aerodynamic styling and the smooth curved grille is attractive and most surely in keeping with the resemblance of the family.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 interior

We anticipate it to be quite well composed and thanks to the selection of safety parts and all the electronics it has, it will definitely be good both on road and even off it. The 2015 model is really consists of Ford engines that are both powerful and fuel. These are likely to be even more fuel efficient and also more powerful and a big thanks to the modular system, cheaper at the same time. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has a number of the identical underpinnings as the Range Rover Evoque, however it does much better with regards to huge savings in fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions, and it’s a lot more refined.


The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 price is expected to begin at $38,000 that is a bit high but definitely less than some other offerings on the market.